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Frontiers of astrobiology

  1. Title statementFrontiers of astrobiology / edited by Chris Impey, Jonathan Lunine, José Funes
    PublicationCambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
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    ISBN9781139776349 (online ; pdf)
    Internal Bibliographies/Indexes NoteObsahuje bibliografické odkazy a rejstřík
    ContentsPart I.
    Introduction --
    Inauguration of the study week on astrobiology / Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo;
    Astrobiology -- a new synthesis / John Baross and Chris Impey --
    Part II.
    Origins of Planets and Life:
    Towards a theory of life / Steven Benner and Paul Davies;
    Terran metabolism: the first billion years / Shelley Copley and Roger Summons;
    Planet formation / Sean Raymond and Willy Benz --
    Part III.
    History of Life on Earth:
    The early Earth / Frances Westall;
    Evolution of a habitable planet / James Kasting and Joseph Kirschvink;
    Our evolving planet: from dark ages to evolutionary renaissance / Eric Gaidos and Andrew Knoll --
    Part IV.
    Habitability of the Solar System:
    Early Mars -- cradle or cauldron? / Armando Azua-Bustos, Rafael Vicuña, and Raymond Pierrehumbert;
    Large habitable moons: Titan and Europa / Athena Coustenis and Michel Blanc;
    Small habitable worlds / Julie Castillo-Rogez and Jonathan Lunine --
    Part V.
    Exoplanets and Life in the Galaxy:
    Searches for habitable exoplanets / Sara Seager;
    Review of known exoplanets / Christopher Lovis and Dante Minniti;
    Characterizing exoplanet atmospheres / Giovanna Tinetti;
    If you want to talk to ET, you must first find ET / Jill Tarter and Chris Impey.
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    Another responsib. Impey, Chris (editor)
    Lunine, Jonathan Irving, 1959- (editor)
    Funes, José G. (editor)
    Subj. Headings astrobiologie astrobiology * astronomie astronomy
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    "Astrobiology is an exciting interdisciplinary field that seeks to answer one of the most important and profound questions: Are we alone? In this volume, leading international experts explore the frontiers of astrobiology, investigating the latest research questions that will fascinate a wide interdisciplinary audience at all levels. What is the earliest evidence for life on Earth? Where are the most likely sites for life in the Solar System? Could life have evolved elsewhere in the Galaxy? What are the best strategies for detecting intelligent extraterrestrial life? How many habitable or Earth-like exoplanets are there? Progress in astrobiology over the past decade has been rapid and, with evidence accumulating that Mars once hosted standing bodies of liquid water, the discovery of over 500 exoplanets, and new insights into how life began on Earth, the scientific search for our origins and place in the cosmos continues. The book is based on a meeting at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which gathered leading researchers to present state-of-the-art reviews on their research and address topics at the forefront of astrobiology"--

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