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Computational toxicology

  1. Údaje o názvuComputational toxicology : methods and applications for risk assessment / edited by Bruce A. Fowler
    NakladatelLondon : Academic Press, [2013]
    Fyz.popis1 online zdroj (xvi, 258 stran) : ilustrace, grafy
    ISBN9780123965080 (online ; pdf)
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    Computational Toxicology: Methods and Applications for Risk Assessment is an essential reference on the translation of computational toxicology data into information that can be used for more informed risk assessment decision-making. This book is authored by leading international investigators who have real-world experience in relating computational toxicology methods to risk assessment. Key topics of interest include QSAR modeling, chemical mixtures, applications to metabolomic and metabonomic data sets, toxicogenomic analyses, applications to REACH informational strategies and much more. With a free companion website featuring an image bank from the book and web links for further research and reading, this authoritative reference is your complete guide to computational toxicology methods and applications to risk assessment. Authored by leading international researchers engaged in cutting-edge applications of computational methods for translating complex toxicological data sets into useful risk assessment informationIncorporates real-world examples of how computational toxicological methods have been applied to advance the science of risk assessment Provides the framework necessary for new technologies and fosters common vocabularies and principles upon which the effects of new chemical entities should be compared.

    1. Introduction / Bruce A. Fowler -- 2. Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models, physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models, biologically based dose response (BBDR) and toxicity pathways / Patricia Ruiz [and three others] -- 3. Multiple chemical exposures and risk assessment / John C. Lipscomb, Nikki Maples-Reynolds, and Moiz Mumtaz -- 4. Modeling of sensitive subpopulations and interindividual variability in pharmacokinetics for health risk assessments / Kannan Krishnan [and three others] -- 5. Integrated systems biology approaches to predicting drug-induced liver toxicity / Kalyanasundaram Subramanian -- 6. Computational translation and integration of test data to meet risk assessment goals / Luis G. Valerio Jr. -- 7. Computational translation of nonmammalian species data to mammalian species to meet REACH and next generation risk assessment needs / Edward J. Perkins and Natalia Garcia-Reyero -- 8. Interpretation of human biological monitoring data using a newly developed generic physiological-based toxicokinetic model / Frans Jongeneelen, Wil Ten Berge, and Peter J. Boogaard -- 9. Uses of publicly available data in risk assessment / Isaac Warren and Sorina Eftim -- 10. Computational toxicology experience and applications for risk assessment in the pharmaceutical industry / Nigel Greene and Mark Gosink -- 11. Omics biomarkers in risk assessment / Hong Fang [and seven others] -- 12. Translation of computational model results for risk decisions / William Mendez and Bruce A. Fowler -- 13. Future directions for computational toxicology for risk assessment / Bruce A. Fowler.