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The pesticide manual

  1. Title statementThe pesticide manual : a world compendium / Editor C.D.S. Tomlin
    Main entry-corp. British Crop Protection Council (author)
    Edition statement13th ed.
    Issue dataAlton : British Crop Protection Council, 2003
    Phys.des.XXVI, 1344 s.
    Another responsib. Tomlin, Clive (editor)
    Subj. Headings agrochemie agrochemistry * ochrana rostlin plant conservation * pesticidy pesticides
    Form, Genre příručky handbooks and manuals
    Conspect632 - Ochrana rostlin. Fytopatologie
    UDC (035) , 632 , 632.9 , 632.95
    CountryVelká Británie
    Document kindBooks
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