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The family upstairs

  1. Title statementThe family upstairs / Lisa Jewell
    Personal name Jewell, Lisa, 1968- (author)
    Edition statementFirst Atria publishers edition
    PublicationNew York, NY : Atria publishers, 2020
    Phys.des.339 stran
    ISBN978-1-5011-9011-7 (brožováno)
    Form, Genre anglické romány English fiction * thrillery (romány) thrillers (novels)
    Conspect821.111-3 - Anglická próza, anglicky psaná
    UDC 821.111-31 , (0:82-312.4) , 821-312.4
    CountrySpojené státy americké
    Document kindBooks
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    Call numberBarcodeLocationSublocationInfo
    N/A3139802147Britské centrumBC - Fiction Crimi,ThrillersDate due 30 days

Number of the records: 1  

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