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  1. Title statementTechnopopulism : the new logic of democratic politics / Christopher J. Bickerton and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti
    Personal name Bickerton, Christopher J., 1979- (author)
    Edition statementFirst edition
    PublicationOxford : Oxford University Press, 2021
    Phys.des.ix, 244 stran
    ISBN978-0-19-880776-6 (vázáno)
    Note3130032876 - 5. dotisk
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    Another responsib. Accetti, Carlo Invernizzi, 1983- (author)
    Subj. Headings populismus populism * demokracie democracy
    Geographic keywords Evropa Europe
    Form, Genre monografie monographs
    Conspect32 - Politika
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    CountryVelká Británie
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    Technocratic appeals to expertise and populist invocations of 'the people' have become mainstays of political competition in established democracies. This development is best understood as the emergence of technopopulism-a new political logic that is being superimposed on the traditional struggle between left and right. Political movements and actors-such as Italy's Five Star Movement and France's La Republiqe En Marche-combine technocratic and populist appeals in a variety of ways, as do more established parties that are adapting to the particular set of incentives and constraints implicit in this new, unmediated form of politics. In the first book-length treatment of the phenomenon of technopopulism, we combine theoretical and historical approaches, offering a systematic definition of the concept of technopopulism, while also exploring a number of salient contemporary examples. This book provides a detailed account of the emergence of this new political logic, as well as a discussion of its troubling consequences for existing democratic regimes. It ends by considering some possible remedies that go beyond the simplistic idea that in the right 'dose' populism and technocracy can counter-balance one another.

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