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John Adams. Vol 1

  1. Title statementJohn Adams. Vol 1 / John Quincy Adams and Charles Francis Adams ; introdution by Peter Shaw
    Personal name Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886 (author)
    Issue dataNew York : Chelsea house, 1980
    Phys.des.xxxi, 499 s.
    Another responsib. Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848 (author)
    Shaw, Peter, 1936- (author)
    Personalities Adams, John, 1735-1826
    Subj. Headings dějiny history
    Geographic keywords Spojené státy americké United States
    Form, Genre biografie biography
    UDC 32-051 , 94(73) , 929Adams, John
    CountryBez místa
    Document kindBooks
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    Call numberBarcodeLocationSublocationInfo
    S104862 (KUP)3133018645ZbrojniceÚstřední knihovna UP - skladDate due 30 days

Number of the records: 1  

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