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Amusements in mathematics

  1. Title statementAmusements in mathematics / by Henry Ernest Dudeney
    Personal name Dudeney, Henry Ernest, 1857-1930 (author)
    PublicationNew York : Dover Publications, Inc., [1970]
    Copyright notice date©1970
    Phys.des.vii, 258 stran : ilustrace
    ISBN0-486-20473-1 (brožováno)
    EditionDover books on mathematical and word recreations
    NoteObsahuje rejstřík
    Subj. Headings matematické hry mathematical recreations
    Form, Genre sbírky úloh examinations, questions, etc.
    Conspect51 - Matematika
    UDC 51-8 , (076.1/.3)
    CountrySpojené státy americké
    Document kindBooks
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    Amusements in mathematics

Number of the records: 1  

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