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The principles of clinical cytogenetics

  1. Title statementThe principles of clinical cytogenetics / Steven L. Gersen, Martha B. Keagle, editors
    Edition statementThird edition
    PublicationNew York : Springer, 2013
    Phys.des.1 online zdroj (561 stran)
    ISBN9781441916884 (online ; pdf)
    ContentsPart I.
    Basic Concepts and Background.
    History of Clinical Cytogenetics / Steven L. Gersen --
    DNA, Chromosomes, and Cell Division / Martha B. Keagle --
    Human Chromosome Nomenclature: An Overview and Definition of Terms / Marilyn L. Slovak, Aaron Theisen, Lisa G. Shaffer --
    Part II.
    Examining and Analyzing Chromosomes.
    Basic Cytogenetics Laboratory Procedures / Martha B. Keagle, Steven L. Gersen --
    The Essentials of Light Microscopy / Nathan S. Claxton, Stephen T. Ross --
    Quality Control and Quality Assurance / Martha B. Keagle --
    Instrumentation in the Cytogenetics Laboratory / Steven L. Gersen --
    Part III.
    Clinical Cytogenetics.
    Autosomal Aneuploidy / Jin-Chen C. Wang --
    Structural Chromosome Rearrangements / Kathleen Kaiser-Rogers, Kathleen W. Rao --
    Sex Chromosomes, Sex Chromosome Disorders, and Disorders of Sex Development / Cynthia M. Powell --
    The Cytogenetics of Infertility / Linda Marie Randolph --
    Prenatal Cytogenetics / Linda Marie Randolph --
    The Cytogenetics of Spontaneous Abortion / Solveig M.V. Pflueger, --
    Chromosome Instability / Xiao-Xiang Zhang, --
    Part IV.
    Cancer Cytogenetics.
    The Cytogenetics of Hematologic Neoplasms / Aurelia Meloni-Ehrig --
    The Cytogenetics of Solid Tumors / Linda D. Cooley, Kathleen S. Wilson --
    Part V.
    Adjunct Technologies --
    Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) / Daynna J. Wolff --
    Microarray-Based Cytogenetics / Lisa G. Shaffer --
    Part VI.
    Beyond Chromosomes.
    Fragile X--A Family of Disorders: Changing Phenotype and Molecular Genetics / Elaine B. Spector --
    Genomic Imprinting and Uniparental Disomy / Jin-Chen C. Wang --
    Genetic Counseling / Sarah Hutchings Clark.
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    Another responsib. Gersen, Steven L. (editor)
    Keagle, Martha B. (editor)
    Subj. Headings chromozomální vady chromosome abnormalities * diagnostika (lékařství) medical diagnostics * cytogenetika cytogenetics
    Form, Genre elektronické knihy electronic books
    Conspect576 - Buněčná biologie. Cytologie
    UDC 616-07 , 576.316.03 , 575 , (0.034.2:08)
    CountryNew York
    Document kindElectronic sources


    In this thoroughly revised and expanded third edition of the highly praised classic, The Principles of Clinical Cytogenetics, a panel of hands-on experts update their descriptions of the basic concepts and interpretations involved in chromosome analysis to include the many advances that have occurred in the field. Among the highlights are a full chapter devoted to advances in chromosome microarray, soon to become a standard of care in this field, as well as an update on chromosome nomenclature as reflected in ISCN 2009.

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