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Global change in multispecies systems

  1. Title statementGlobal change in multispecies systems / Guy Woodward, Ute Jacob
    Personal name Woodward, Guy (author)
    PublicationSan Diego : Elsevier Science, 2012
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    ISBN9780123972934 (online ; pdf)
    EditionAdvances in ecological research ; vol. 46
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    Another responsib. Jacob, Ute (author)
    Subj. Headings biologie biology * environmentální aspekty environmental aspects
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    Global Change in Multispecies Systems: Part I.

    Front Cover; Global Change in Multispecies Systems: Part 3; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface: Editorial Commentary: Monitoring, Manipulation and Modelling of Ecological Responses to Global Change in Multispec ... ; References; Chapter 1: Ecosystems and Their Services in a Changing World: An Ecological Perspective; 1. Introduction; 2. The Changing Concept of the Ecosystem; 2.1. The biophysical ecosystem; 2.2. The rise of ecosystem services; 2.3. Exploring the linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.3. Putting the System Back in Ecosystem: Systems Analysis, Stocks and Flows3.1. Systems analysis and systems ecology; 3.2. Related concepts of natural capital; 3.3. A mass-balance approach to biodiversity-ecosystem service relationships; 3.4. Linking flows of services to the spatial extent of stocks; 3.5. Stocks and flows: An ecosystem health perspective; 3.6. An alternative approach: Emergy; 4. Issues of Scale; 4.1. Constraint 1. A need to achieve maximum plot replication over a restricted spatial extent.4.2. Constraint 2. Practical difficulties in measuring all variables at the appropriate scale4.3. Constraint 3. Time issues: Difficulties in maintaining larger plots for longer periods; 5. Extending Ecosystem Science; 5.1. The policy-appraisal arena; 5.2. Ecosystem science and economic analysis; 5.3. Ecosystem science and the qualitative social sciences; 5.4. Ecological science and interdisciplinarity; 5.5. Monitoring and evaluation of ecosystems in an interdisciplinary context; 5.6. Moving towards an integrated approach; 6. Conclusions; Acknowledgements; References.Chapter 1: Mesocosm Experiments as a Tool for Ecological Climate-Change Research1. Introduction; 1.1. Placing mesocosms in the context of ecological climate-change research; 1.2. Balancing control, replication, and realism in mesocosm experiments; 1.3. Development of the mesocosm approach in climate-change research; 2. Mesocosm Approaches in Different Habitats; 2.1. Marine, coastal, and estuarine ecosystems; 2.2. Freshwater mesocosms in lentic and lotic ecosystems; 2.3. Terrestrial mesocosms and Ecotrons; 3. What Do We Know So Far: Generalities or Idiosyncratic Effects?; 4. Future Directions.4.1. New drivers and experimental designs4.2. Future directions: New responses; 4.3. Future directions: Implementing a more strategic approach to experimental climate-change research; 5. Conclusions; Acknowledgments; Appendix1. Photographic Credits for Fig. 1; Appendix2. Literature Search for Database Construction; Appendix3. Construction of the Database; Appendix4. Analysis of the Database; Appendix5. Database; Appendix6. List of Papers Used to Construct the Database; References (Note: see Appendix6 for publications that are included in the database).

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