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Winston Churchill. The Man Behind the Myth

  1. Title statementWinston Churchill. The Man Behind the Myth [videorecording]
    Issue dataBritish Movietonenews, 2002
    Phys.des.1 DVD, 160 minutes
    NoteThree separate documentaries about Winston Churchill. The Path To Power - When Winston Churchill died in 1965 he was already a relic of a lost-age, but his funeral brought a city to a standstill, the first state funeral for a non-royal since the 19th century. This programme examines Winston's extraordinary successes and failures, his early career, a career that started long before his historic performance during WWII. The War Years - On the first day of WWII, the admiralty sent a message to all of the British Navy. It simply read "Winston is back". British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had made Churchill First Lord Of The Admiralty - a position that Churchill had held at the beginning of WWI. This programme delves into Churchill's war record during WWI and asks the question: "How did a man responsible for some of history's greatest military blunders become a hero of the British people and the only man who could lead them into war?" Victory And Defeat - Beginning at the end of WWI
    I, this is the final chapter of Churchill's career, when he admitted that he was lonely and did not relish the prospect of the humdrum of a peace-time politician. This documentary explores the final contradictory years, his ideas that were well ahead of his time, his struggle with ill health and his advanced years. Churchill will surely go down in history as the flawed genius, a man who was capable of both towering achievements and some of the rashest moments of folly in history.
    Another responsib. Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-1965 (author)
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    Form, Genre DVD documentary
    CountryVelká Británie
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