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The Mexican time bomb

  1. Title statementThe Mexican time bomb / by Norman A. Bailey and Richard Cohen
    Personal name Cohen, Richard I., 1946- (author)
    Issue dataNew York : Priority, 1987, 61 s.
    Edition A twentieth century fund paper
    NotePozn. s. 53-61
    Another responsib. Bailey, Norman A. (author)
    Subj. Headings ekonomie economics * Mexiko * mezinárodní obchod international trade * závazkové právo law of obligations
    UDC 336.32 , 339.5
    CountryBez místa
    Document kindBooks
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    Call numberBarcodeLocationSublocationInfo
    S117684 (KUP)3133018138ZbrojniceÚstřední knihovna UP - skladDate due 30 days

Number of the records: 1  

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