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Biology of plants

  1. Title statementBiology of plants / Peter H. Raven, Ray F. Evert and Susan E. Eichhorn
    Personal name Raven, Peter H. (Peter Hamilton), 1936- (author)
    Edition statement4th ed.
    Issue dataNew York : Worth, 1986
    Phys.des.xvi, 775 s.
    Another responsib. Evert, Ray Franklin (author)
    Eichhorn, Susan E. (author)
    Subj. Headings rostliny plants * biologie biology * cytologie cytology * morfologie rostlin plant morphology * fyziologie rostlin plant physiology * genetika rostlin plant genetics
    Form, Genre učebnice vysokých škol textbooks (higher)
    Conspect58 - Botanika
    UDC 582 , 57/59 , 581.41 , 581.1 , 581.169 , 576 , (075.8)
    CountryBez místa
    Document kindBooks
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    Biology of plants

Number of the records: 1  

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