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  1. Title statementAno, Masaryk / Zdeněk Mahler
    Personal name Mahler, Zdeněk, 1928-2018 (author)
    Issue dataPraha : Primus, 2002
    Phys.des.93 s. : il.
    ISBN80-86207-42-0 (váz.)
    Personalities Masaryk, Tomáš Garrigue, 1850-1937
    Subj. Headings politici politicians * prezidenti presidents
    Form, Genre biografie biography
    UDC 32-051(437.3) , 32Masaryk, T. G. , 929Masaryk, Tomáš Garrigue
    Document kindBooks
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    240:010/223 (KUP)3139101354ZbrojniceÚstřední knihovna UP - politologieIn-Library Use Only

Number of the records: 1