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Acupuncture, trigger points and musculoskeletal pain

  1. Title statementAcupuncture, trigger points and musculoskeletal pain : a scientific approach to acupuncture for use by doctors and physiotherapists in the diagnosis and management of myofascial trigger point pain / P. E. Baldry
    Personal name Baldry, P. E. (author)
    Edition statement2nd ed.
    Issue dataEdinburgh : Churchill Livingstone, 1993
    Phys.des.X, 347 s. : obr.
    Subj. Headings akupunktura acupuncture * bolest pain * fyzioterapie physiotherapy * nemoci pohybového ústrojí musculoskeletal diseases * pohybové ústrojí musculoskeletal system
    UDC 615.8
    CountryBez místa
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