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Muscovy and Sweden in the thirty years war

  1. Title statementMuscovy and Sweden in the thirty years war : 1630-1635 / B. F. Porshnev ; edited by Paul Dukes ; translated by Brian Pearce
    Personal name Poršnev, Boris Fedorovič, 1905-1972 (author)
    Edition statementFirst published
    PublicationNew York : Cambridge University Press, 1995
    Phys.des.xxi, 256 stran
    ISBN0-521-45139-6 (brožováno)
    Internal Bibliographies/Indexes NoteObsahuje bibliografické odkazy a rejstřík
    Another responsib. Dukes, Paul, 1934-2021 (editor)
    Pearce, Brian (translator)
    Chronological term 1630-1635
    Subj. Headings švédská válka (1630-1635) Swedish intervention (1630-1635) * třicetiletá válka (1618-1648) Thirty Years' War (1618-1648)
    Geographic keywords Rusko Russia * Švédsko Sweden
    Conspect355/359 - Vojenství. Obrana země. Ozbrojené síly
    UDC 94(430/439)"1630/1635" , 355.48(430/439)"1630/1635" , 94(4)"1618/1648" , 355.48(4)"1618/1648" , (470+571) , (485)
    CountrySpojené státy americké
    Document kindBooks
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    N/A3133059828FFFF, katedra historieIn-Library Use Only
    Muscovy and Sweden in the thirty years war

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