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Czech (& Central European) yearbook of arbitration

  1. Title statementCzech (& Central European) yearbook of arbitration
    Additional Variant TitlesCzech yearbook of arbitration
    Central European yearbook of arbitration
    Cover TitleCYArb - Czech (& Central European) yearbook of arbitration
    Issue dataNew York : Juris, c2011-
    2016- Hague : Lex Lata,
    Year, No.I (2011)-
    NoteTematické podnázvy se mění
    Jednotlivé sv. mají ISBN
    Subj. Headings mezinárodní arbitráž international arbitration * ústavní právo constitutional law * lidská práva human rights
    Geographic keywords Česko Czechia * Evropa střední Europe, Central
    Form, Genre sborníky miscellanea * ročenky yearbooks
    Conspect342 - Ústavní právo. Správní právo
    UDC 341.63 , 342 , 342.7 , (437.3) , (4-191.2) , (082) , (058)
    Document kindPERIODIKA - Souborný záznam periodika
    ReferencesSouborný záznam: použijte odkaz na záznam čísla nebo svazku
    Bunches2023: XIII-Public Interest in Arbitration
    2022: XII-Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunals
    2021: XI-Practices in Arbitration
    2020: X-Arbitration and International Treaties, Customs and Standards
    2019: IX-Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards
    2018: VIII-Arbitral awards and remedies
    2017: VII-Conduct of arbitration
    2016: VI-Rights and duties of parties in arbitration
    2015: V-Interaction of Arbitration and courts
    2014: IV-Independence and impartiality of arbitrators
    2013: III-Borders of procedural and substantive law in arbitral proceedins
    2012: II-Party autonomy versus autonomy of arbitrators
    2011: I-The relationship between constitutional values, human rights and a
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    Czech (& Central European) yearbook of arbitration
Number of the records: 1  

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