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Liquid chromatography

  1. Liquid
    Liquid chromatography : fundamentals and instrumentation / Salvatore Fanali, Paul R. Haddad, Colin F. Poole, Peter Schoenmakers, David Lloyd. -- Amsterdam ; Burlington : Elsevier Science, 2013. -- 1 online zdroj (xii, 504 stran). -- Obsahuje: Milestones in the Development of Liquid Chromatography / L.R. Snyder, J.W. Dolan -- Kinetic Theories of Liquid Chromatography / A. Felinger, A. Cavazzini -- Column Technology in Liquid Chromatography / K.K. Unger, S. Lamotte, E. Machtejevas -- Secondary Chemical Equilibria in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography / M.C. Garcia-Alvarez Coque, J.R. Torres-Lapasio -- Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography / A. Cavazzini, A. Felinger -- Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography / C.T. Tomaz, J.A. Queiroz -- Liquid-Solid Chromatography / L.R. Snyder, J.W. Dolan -- Ion Chromatography / B. Pauli, P.N. Nesterenko -- Size-Exclusion Chromatography / A.M. Striegel -- Solvent Selection in Liquid Chromatography -- G. Ramis-Ramos, M.C. Garcia-Alvarez Coque -- Method development in liquid chromatography / J.W. Dolan, L.R. Snyder -- Theory and practice of gradient elution liquid chromatography / J.W. Dolan, L.R. Snyder -- General instrumentation / J.G. Shackman -- Advanced spectroscopic detectors for identification and quantification: mass spectrometry / S. Crotti, I. Isak, P. Traidi -- Advanced spectroscopic detectors for identification and quantification: FTIR and Raman / J. Kuligowski, B. Lendi, G. Quintas -- Advanced spectroscopic detectors for identification and quantification: Nuclear magnetic resonance / J.-L. Wolfender [and others] -- Quantitative structure property (retention) relationships in liquid chromatography / R. Kaliszan -- Modeling of preparative liquid chromatography / T. Fornstedt, P. Forssen, J. Samuelsson -- Process concepts in preparative chromatography / M. Kaspereit, A. Seidel-Morgenstern -- Miniaturization and microfluidics / F. Foret, P. Smejkal, M. Macka -- Capillary electrochromatography: a look at its features and potential in separation science / A. Rocco [and others]. -- Resumé: A single source of authoritative information on all aspects of the practice of modern liquid chromatography suitable for advanced students and professionals working in a laboratory or managerial capacity. Chapters written by authoritative and visionary experts in the field provide an overview and focused treatment of a single topic. Comprehensive coverage of modern liquid chromatography from theory, to methods, to selected applications. Thorough selected references and tables with commonly used data to facilitate research, practical work, and comparison of results. -- ISBN : 9780124158672 (online ; pdf). -- 0124158676. -- 9781283948302. -- 1283948303. -- 9780124158078. -- 0124158072.
    Fanali, Salvatore. Haddad, Paul R.. Poole, C. F., 1950-. Schoenmakers, Peter J.. Lloyd, David, 1962-
    analytická chemie. kapalinová chromatografie. elektronické knihy
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