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Killing public higher education

  1. Údaje o názvuKilling public higher education : the arms race for research prestige / David L. Stocum
    Osobní jméno Stocum, David L. (autor)
    NakladatelAmsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Academic Press, 2013
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    ISBN9780124115385 (online ; pdf)
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    This is an opinion piece from a highly qualified professor of science who has served in administration highlights the need for reform in our public higher education research institutions. In this well-researched reference, Dr. Stocum illustrates how the competition among the public flagship universities for more money, research prestige, and power, and the imposition of mission differentiation on public universities, is detrimental to the educational needs of 21st century. The goal of the work is to expose the issues that exist, give a voice to under-recognized institutions and to provide suggestions for more effective education system moving forward.

    The Addiction to Research Prestige Contributes to the Increasing Costs of Higher Education -- Portrait of the Flagships -- Origin and Emergence -- The Flagship Culture Today -- Rationales for Mission Differentiation -- Quality Is Synonymous with an Exclusive Research Mission -- Stratification of Students Reflects Their Intellectual Status and Capability -- Rankism: The Underlying Disease of the Caste System -- Schemes to Privatize Public Flagships -- The AAU Snob Factor -- Graduate Programs -- Community Colleges -- Research Prestige and Athletic Prestige: Brothers Under the Skin -- The Future of Higher Education -- Business as Usual -- Tweak Around the Edges -- Spin Off Research and Graduate Education -- Restructure the System -- Defining the Purpose of Undergraduate Education -- The Urban University as a Model for the Twenty-First Century.