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Land use intensification

  1. Údaje o názvuLand use intensification : effects on agriculture, biodiversity and ecological processes / editors, David Lindenmayer, Saul Cunningham, Andrew Young
    NakladatelCollingwood, VIC : CSIRO Pub., 2012
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    ISBN9780643104082 (online ; pdf)
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    Dal.odpovědnost Lindenmayer, David (editor)
    Cunningham, Saul (editor)
    Young, Andrew (editor)
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    There can be little doubt that there are truly colossal challenges associated with providing food, fibre and energy for an expanding world population without further accelerating already rapid rates of biodiversity loss and undermining the ecosystem processes on which we all depend. These challenges are further complicated by rapid changes in climate and its additional direct impacts on agriculture, biodiversity and ecological processes. There are many different viewpoints about the best way to deal with the myriad issues associated with land use intensification and this book canvasses a number of these from different parts of the tropical and temperate world. Chapters focus on whether science can suggest new and improved approaches to reducing the conflict between productive land use and biodiversity conservation. Who should read this book? Policy makers in regional, state and federal governments, as well as scientists and the interested lay public.

    1. Land use intensification: a challenge for humanity / David Lindenmayer, Saul Cunningham and Andrew Young -- Part A. General themes and principles -- 2. Combining biodiversity conservation with agricultural intensification / Teja Tsharntke [and others] -- 3. Managing biodiversity in agricultural landscapes: perspectives from a research-policy interface / Simon J. Attwood and Emma Burns -- 4. Intensive farming and its role in wildlife conservation: routes to squaring the circle? / Tim G. Benton -- Part B. Specific case studies -- 5. Land use changes imperil South-East Asian biodiversity / Navjot S. Sodhi [and others] -- 6. How agricultural intensification threatens temperate grassy woodlands / Sue McIntyre -- 7. Mitigating land use intensification in the endemic-rich hotspots of southern Africa and western Indian Ocean / Michael J. Samways -- 8. Land use intensification, small landholders, and biodiversity conservation: perspectives from the Eastern Himalayas / Kamaljit S. Bawa [and others] -- 9. Riches to rags: the ecological consequences of land use intensification in New Zealand / Raphael K. Didham, Lisa H. Denmead and Elizabeth L. Deakin -- 10. Land use intensification and the status of focal species in managed forest landscapes of New Brunswick, Canada / Marc-André Villard -- 11. Land use intensification impacts on biodiversity in the mallee/wheat landscape of central NSW / Saul A. Cunningham, David H. Duncan and Don A. Driscoll -- 12. Ecological responses of Australian grassy woodland and shrubland ecosystems to agricultural intensification: lessons from long-term, multi-species, multi-biome studies / Andrew Young and Linda Broadhurst -- 13. Land use intensification in natural forest settings / David Lindenmayer -- 14. Intensification of coffee production and its biodiversity consequences / John Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto -- Part C. General discussion -- 15. Perspectives on land use intensification and biodiversity conservation / David Lindenmayer, Saul Cunningham and Andrew Young.