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Global warming and climate change

  1. Údaje o názvuGlobal warming and climate change : prospects and policies in Asia and Europe / edited by Antonio Marquina
    NakladatelHoundmills ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
    Fyz.popis1 online zdroj (xvii, 510 stran) : ilustrace, mapa
    EdiceEnergy, climate and the environment series
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    Dal.odpovědnost Marquina Barrio, Antonio (editor)
    Předmět.hesla klimatické změny climate changes * globální oteplování global warming
    Geografická hesla Evropa Europe * Asie Asia
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    Global Warming and Climate Change is centred on the comparison of policies implemented in Asia and Europe for dealing with the principal consequences of climate change, and its possible impacts on conflicts and security. The book explores the impacts of global warming and climate change on natural resources, particularly water and food; and on the frequency and expansion of natural disasters. It looks at the critical repercussions that can be foreseen on environmentally-induced migration as a consequence of these issues. The book explains the Asian and European policies of mitigation and adaptation, as crucial elements of conflict prevention. It presents the asymmetries that exist between Asia and Europe in terms of conflict prevention, and the implications of climate change for human security and the security of states."This book looks at the principal consequences of climate change and its possible impact on conflict and security. It clarifies the impact of climate change on natural resources, on the frequency and expansion of natural disasters, and, as a consequence, the repercussions that can be foreseen on environmentally-induced migration"--Provided by publisher.

    Introduction / A. Marquina -- pt 1. WATER AND FOOD: Water availability and policies in Asia / M. Mustafa -- Effects of climate change on hydrological resources in Europe: the case of Spain / T. Estrela Monreal and E. Vargas Amelin -- Climate change: implications on agriculture and food security in the short-medium term / T. Lindemann and D. Morra; pt. 2. NATURAL DISASTERS: A European mechanism to address natural disasters: working alone is not an option / K. Ifantis -- Natural disasters in Japan / H. Hayashi -- China and natural disasters: prospects and policies / L. Tianhong -- India and natural disasters / P.R. Chari -- Natural disasters and policies to confront: a case study of Vietnam / L.T. Duong -- Cooperation for natural disasters and special units: the Emergency Military Unit (UME) / J.M.G. Requena; pt. 3. ENVIRONMENTALLY-INDUCED MIGRATION: From a socio-economic approach to migration to the inclusion of environmentally-induced migration in the Mediterranean / A. Marquina -- Global warming and climate change: prospects for forced migration in Southeast Asia / C. Hernndez; pt. 4. MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION POLICIES: The EU and Germany's policies on climate change / F. Umbach -- The nuclear energy debate and emissions reduction: the Italian case / M. De Leonardis -- EU policies for renewable energies / J. de Quinto Romero and J. Lopez Milla -- Adaptation to climate change in the EU: the Spanish case / A. Guitierrez Teira -- China's emissions reduction policy: problems and prospects / M. Meidan -- An analysis of energy utilization efficiency in China / S. Dan -- Japan's policy for energy and emissions reduction and foreign aid / S. Sudo -- Coping with climate change: a Korean perspective / J. Lee -- India's energy and climate concerns: the inter-Linkages, constraints and policy choices / D. Sharma -- Climate change and human security in Southeast Asia: issues and challenges / M. Caballero-Anthony -- Climate change awareness and responses: some initiatives and perspectives from Malaysia / M. bin Mokhtar -- Thailand environmental policies: mitigation and adaptation to climate change and implications for human security / K. Kraisoraphong -- Climate change and human security in the Philippines: Government policies, assessments and public opinion / P. Bennagen ; pt. 5. CONCLUSIONS: The politics of East Asia's environmental crisis: the coming environmental authoritarianism / M. Beeson -- Environmental challenges, conflict prevention and human security -- A. Marquina.