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Complex and revision problems in shoulder surgery

  1. Údaje o názvuComplex and revision problems in shoulder surgery [elektronický zdroj] / editors, Jon J.P. Warner, Joseph P. Iannotti, Evan L. Flatow
    Údaje o vydání2nd ed.
    Vyd.údajePhiladelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2005
    Fyz.popis1 online zdroj (xvii, 669 s.) : il.
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    Dal.odpovědnost Warner, Jon J. P. (editor)
    Iannotti, Joseph P. (editor)
    Flatow, Evan L. (editor)
    Dal.odpovědnost Ovid Technologies, Inc
    Předmět.hesla chirurgie ruky hand surgery * ramena shoulders * komplikace (lékařství) complications of diseases
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    Traumatic anterior instability: arthroscopic solutions / Augustus D. Mazzocca, Robert A. Arciero, and Brian J. Cole -- Traumatic anterior instability: open solutions / Philippe H. Clavert, Peter J. Millet, and Jon J. P. Warner -- Posterior and multidirectional instability: arthroscopic solutions / Robert E. McLaughlin and Felix H. Savoie, and Larry D. Field -- Posterior and multidirectional instability: open solutions / Suzanne Miller and Evan L. Flatow -- Chronic locked anterior and posterior dislocations / Christian Gerber -- Anterior superior rotator cuff tears: repairable and irreparable tears / T. Bradley Edwards ... [et al.] -- Massive tears of the posterosuperior rotator cuff tears / Laurence D. Higgins and Jon J. P. Warner -- Arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff tears / Laurent Lafosse -- Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair / James C. Esch and Bradford S. Tucker -- Idiopathic and diabetic stiff shoulder: decision-making and treatment / Frances Cuomo ... [et al.] -- Acquired shoulder stiffness: posttraumatic and postsurgical / Thomas F. Holovacs and Jon J. P. Warner -- Two-part proximal humerus fractures / Julie Y. Bishop and Evan L. Flatow -- Three-part fractures: open reduction and internal fixation or arthroplasy? / Maxwell C. Park, Walter G. Stanwood, and Louis Bigliani -- Four-part proximal humeral fractures: ORIF / Erwin Aschauer and Herbert Resch.Hemiarthroplasty, for management of complex proximal humerus fractures: preoperative planning and surgical solution / Ariane Gerber and Jon J. P. Warner -- Nonunion of proximal humerus fractures / Julie Y. Bishop and Evan L. Flatow -- Malunions of the proximal humerus / Todd F. Ritzman and Joseph P. Iannotti -- Scapular and Glenoid Fractures / Charles Getz, Allan Deutsch, and Gerald R. Williams, Jr. -- Acute fractures, malunions, and nonunions of the clavicle / David Ring and Jesse B. Jupiter -- Acromioclavicular joint: difficult problems and revision surgery / Young W. Kwon and Joseph P. Iannotti -- Sternoclavicular joint: primary and revision reconstruction / Young W. Kwon and Joseph P. Iannotti -- Alternatives to total shoulder arthroplasty / Brian D. Cameron and Joseph P. Iannotti -- Shoulder arthroplasty in the young, and active patient / Edward W. Lee, Evan L Flatow, and Jon J. P. Warner -- Special issues in inflammatory arthritis / Ian G. Kelly -- Rotator cuff arthropathy: the unconstrained arthroplasty / Ori Safran and Joseph P. IannottiThe reversed prosthesis / Fran?cois Sirveaux, Daniel Mol? -- Management of boney insufficiency of the glenoid and humerus with arthroplasty / Julie Y. Bishop and Evan L. Flatow -- The failed arthorplasty: options for revision / Julie Y. Bishop and Evan L. Flatow -- Arthrodesis and other salvage procedures: when arthroplasty is not indicated / Robin R. Richards -- The painful, snapping scapula / Peter J. Millett, Phillippe Clavert, and Jon J. P. Warner -- Scapular winging caused by serratus anterior dysfunction: recognition and treatment / Phillippe Clavert and Jon J. P. Warner -- Scapular winging: trapezius dysfunction / Julie Y. Bishop and Evan L. Flatow -- Nerve lesions: suprascapular, axillary, thoracic outlet, and brachial plexus / Scott H. Kozin -- Deltoid injuries / Jerry S. Sher and Joseph P. Iannotti.