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3D cell-based biosensores in drug discovery programs

  1. Údaje o názvu3D cell-based biosensores in drug discovery programs [elektronický zdroj] : microtissue engineering for high throughput screening / William S. Kisaalita
    Další variantní názvyThree-dimensional cell-based biosensors in drug discovery programs
    Osobní jméno Kisaalita, William Ssempa, 1953- (autor)
    Vyd.údajeBoca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, c2010
    Fyz.popisxvii, 386 s. : il.
    ISBN9781420073508 (e-book)
    PoznámkyElektronická reprodukce. Palo Alto, Calif : ebrary, 2010
    Předmět.hesla farmakologie pharmacology * biotechnologie biotechnology * biosenzory biosensors
    Forma, žánr elektronické knihy electronic books
    Konspekt615 - Farmacie. Farmakologie
    MDT 615.01/.09 , 60 , 577.3:681.586 , (0.034.2:08)
    Země vyd.Spojené státy americké
    Jazyk dok.angličtina
    Druh dok.Elektronické zdroje


    "This book is based upon cutting-edge research conducted in the authors lab (Cellular Bioengineering), which over the past decade has developed a number of sophisticated techniques to facilitate use of 3D cell based assays or biosensors. This book uses data from peer-reviewed publications to conclusively justify use of 3D cell cultures in cell-based biosensors (assays) for (HTS). The majority of assays performed in accelerated drug discovery processes are biochemical in nature, but there is a growing demand for live cell-based assays. Unlike biochemical ones, cellular assays are functional approximations of in vivo biological conditions and can provide more biologically relevant information" -- Provided by publisher.

Počet záznamů: 1  

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