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Venturing into the bioeconomy

  1. Údaje o názvuVenturing into the bioeconomy [elektronický zdroj] : professions, innovation, identity / Alexander Styhre, Mats Sundgren
    Osobní jméno Styhre, Alexander, 1971- (autor)
    Vyd.údajeBasingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011
    Fyz.popis304 s.
    ISBN9780230299436 (e-book)
    PoznámkyElektronická reprodukce. Paolo Alto, Calif. : ebrary, 2011
    Dal.odpovědnost Mats, Sungren (autor)
    Předmět.hesla farmaceutický průmysl pharmaceutical industry * biotechnologie biotechnology * ekonomické aspekty economic aspects * technologický rozvoj technological development
    Forma, žánr elektronické knihy electronic books
    Konspekt615 - Farmacie. Farmakologie
    MDT 615:338.45 , 60 , 33 , 62:001.892 , (0.034.2:08)
    Země vyd.Velká Británie
    Jazyk dok.angličtina
    Druh dok.Elektronické zdroje

    The life sciences are playing an increasingly larger role in terms of influencing social life. Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has brought new drugs to the market but in the new economic regime, here addressed as the bioeconomy, a variety of new industries and sectors of the economy are making contributions to commercialization of the life sciences. Venturing in to the Bioeconomy provides an overview of the literature addressing recent changes in the life sciences including recent genomics and post-genomics technoscientific approaches. In addition, it reports empirical material from three case studies in the pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnology industry and the domain of academic research. The authors demonstrate that there are much potential brought by the new technoscientific frameworks that have not yet translated into new therapies and that in the future, the life sciences may play a more central role in the late-modern society.